April 11, 2016
Template C is officially up for grabs again! A nice new wave of TCGs has joined the exchange, so be sure to check out the Twitter feed and/or the listing page to see who's new and who's making a comeback. Expect some content updates in the coming months, as things have been busy in the background, per usual around these parts. :p

July 3, 2015
Stuff going on behind the scenes, even if it's quiet on the front page! We've moved some of the smaller updates to our (relatively) new Twitter feed, which you can see in the sidebar and in full-size at the actual Twitter site! New additions to the rotation will be posted as they are approved, giving an additional advertising push.

We'll also be tweeting when new layouts, fonts, card templates, and other things appear -- and they will appear. A new wing is in the works for the site, as well as updates to the existing ones. If there anything you would like to see in particular from TCG Paradise, feel free to tweet or DM us, anytime! Read archived updates?