July 16, 2016
Card templates A and B have been reserved for two upcoming TCGs! I've got plans over the next few days to do an activity check for all the current rotation members, since it's "TCG season" in that many games are both closing and opening in these last few weeks. Likewise, I'll be checking around for new links and resources to flesh out our existing list(s) for games & scripts. Even if front page updates are slow going, feel free to poke me with content you'd like to see or submit, affiliation requests, or anything at all. <3 -M

April 11, 2016
Template C is officially up for grabs again! A nice new wave of TCGs has joined the exchange, so be sure to check out the Twitter feed and/or the listing page to see who's new and who's making a comeback. Expect some content updates in the coming months, as things have been busy in the background, per usual around these parts. :p -M

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