Scripts & Resources
There are a lot of great scripts and resources we want to provide you links to so you know where to go to get what you need! One invaluable resource (if you're not already a member, you should be) is Exposure Forums. They have tons of scripts, downloads, and offer support for most of the scripts listed there as well. If you are a TCG owner (prospective or current), you definitely want to check this place out.

  • CuteNews; This is an awesome script for updating your website. It is totally customizable and has a comments system in place.

  • EasyTCG FM; Made by Bloo, this is a script for TCG players designed to manage the TCGs you play without having to code, upload or use FTP.

  • Marfisa's TCG Manager; This script is similar to the one noted above and is used to make playing and managing your trading card games an easier experience.

  • Marfisa's Member List Manager; This script is a way to manage your member list without the use of tables, requiring PHP and MySQL.

  • Maron's Full Mini TCG; Made by Maron, this full mini TCG management system incorporates all the functionalities of MyTCG, other add-ons originally distributed by Nina, and some new portions from Maron (like a shop and some new game scripts). It could easily be modded to service a full TCG.

  • MyTCG; Made by Amanda, this script is designed for running a TCG, allowing control of card uploads, forms, members, and affiliates. It is super customizable and there are lots of tips and tricks of stuff to do to it on various forums.

  • Flight; Made by Liz for use with MyTCG (see above). Flight is an alternative to CuteNews and is integrated into the MyTCG login system, so it's a good news option if you use MyTCG for your game. This is the final master version, as Liz no longer supports the add-on!

  • Lottery Game; Made by Marfisa & Rahenna, this is a simple, easy lottery game that doesn't require management.

  • Marfisa's Randomizer; This is a super easy, customizable, awesome script for creating random prize generators on your TCG.

  • Memory; Made by Myubi, it's a simple memory game with a prize for matching all the pairs. It allows for image customization, so you can tweak the images to fit your TCG theme.

  • Password Gates; Made by Marfisa & Rahenna, this is a super easy to use and highly useful password gate script you can use for oh so many games.

  • Puzzles; Myubi has a variety of puzzle games available for download & use, including a standard puzzle, card puzzle, and a puzzle series.

  • Slots Game; Made by Marfisa & Rahenna, this is a fun, easy game where the player has to reload the page until the three images match, then a prize is awarded.

    For the following, just right click and select Save As…, then unzip the folders.

  • Blackjack; This is a .php file with an actual playable game of blackjack.

  • Hangman; Made by Rahenna, this is a simple hangman came that's fully customizable.

  • Match; Made by Rahenna, this is a game where two random cards are generated and if you have them, you win a prize.

  • War; Made by Smam for Senshi Card-Mania! R, this is a .php file with an automated, randomizer-based game of War. It can be customized to use cards from your TCG or other images (i.e., images of authentic playing cards).

  • Spin the Wheel; Made by Rahenna, this awesome and easy game, again fully customizable, lets the player spin a wheel and win a prize.

  • Wordsearch; This zip contains a wordsearch script that could be integrated as a TCG activity, though it currently contains no prize dialog when all words are found. Word lists can be customized and fit into any TCG theme.