Card Templates
Here is our selection of completely original, never-before-used card templates. These are free for use for your TCG. All you need do is abide by the rules and apply for one. They are saved in Photoshop format (.PSD) only and have layers to make 20 cards, although how many is totally up to you.

  • A link back to TCG Paradise is required.
  • You have to have a TCG in the works. That means you should have a URL for it, or at least plans for getting one. If you need hosting, we can oblige!
  • If you don't use the template within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 2 months), we will put it back up for adoption.
  • If your TCG closes or is in hiatus for an extensive amount of time after only a short time being open, the card template will go back up for adoption.

    The rules are simple and if you're serious about making a TCG, please apply! If you'd like to donate a template, contact us for details. Appropriate credit will be given, with your name and information listed below. If you want to apply for a template, please see the application form at the bottom of the page.

    Template A; by Lady DinoBug

    Template B; by Lady DinoBug

    Template C; by Lady DinoBug
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